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Bryan Johnson is an award-winning Props and Special Effects Designer, Artisan and Technician for theatre, opera, film and television. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bryan realized his passion for creativity at a very young age and by his teens, he was well on his way to achieving his dream. Bryan was awarded the 2010 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival National Design award for his Special Effects design for the Tulsa Community College production of Elektra. Bryan is also a three-time KCACTF Region 6 award recipient.


Bryan went on to become a Lead Props and Special Effects Technician with Blue Man Group-Las Vegas for five years, where he fabricated, maintained and operated the long-running hit show. During his time with Blue Man Group, Bryan designed and created several themed art installations for the company’s involvement with the local community. As a puppeteer for the show, Bryan also worked hands on with Michael Curry puppetry and robotic show elements from Show Creators. While in Las Vegas, Bryan also designed and consulted with the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company on their productions of Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.

His work has appeared worldwide in publications, including “Lighting & Sound America” and "Stage Directions" magazine, where Bryan is a contributing writer.  Bryan’s theatrical body of work includes; Props Design and Artisanship, Magic/Illusion Design, Mask Making, Puppetry, Lighting Design and Special Effects Makeup. Bryan has taught Prop Design at the university level, as well as presented lectures and workshops all over the United States and for global audiences. Bryan Johnson is a member of the Society of Props Artisans Managers, the Stan Winston School For Character Arts, a former faculty member with The Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas and remains an active mentor and presenter with the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

Lyle Blaker

“Bryan is a MASTER at what he does. As a perfectionist, he values performer feedback, which only makes the show rock even more. Rarely did I have any notes to give, because Bryan is RAD.  

I always loved coming into work and seeing Bryan’s name on the call sheet, and I’m blessed to have worked with him for so many years.”  

Ben Eadie


"My first thought was "How the hell did he get the original box?" when I saw these photos. Then I realized you made it... AMAZEBALLS! Your rust treatment is bloody epic.  And yes I honestly thought this was the original. No joke."



(Neutrona Box Replica)

Tobias Picker

"The opera world is extremely lucky that you're a part of our family, Bryan Johnson. Thank you for your hard and brilliant work!  As always you enable our shows to sing in 3-D."

Julia Mintzer

"Bryan's props made it so easy to go all the way onstage! Not only were they  aesthetically hyper realistic, but super easy to handle AND indestructible.

I could be completely free as a performer."




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